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The Subconscious Mind – Two Metaphores


Think about these visualisations, showing how much we can influence by acting upon our subconscious…


1.    2.

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Moleskine #010 – Diary snapshots by Akira Zeitgeist

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Moleskine #005 – Diary snapshots by Akira Zeitgeist

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Anchor Mantra #001 [ideas condensed]

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Broaden your perception through compassion

Robert Alexander Farrar Thurman (born August 3, 1941) is an influential and prolific American Buddhist writer and academic who has authored, edited or translated several books on Tibetan Buddhism. He is the Je Tsongkhapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University, holding the first endowed chair in this field of study in the United States. He also is the co-founder and president of the Tibet House New York and is active against the People’s Republic of China’s control of Tibet.



[ Transcript by www.ted.com ]

Thank you. And I feel like this whole evening has been very amazing to me. I feel it’s sort of like the Vimalakirti Sutra, an ancient work from ancient India, in which the Buddha appears at the beginning and a whole bunch of people come to see him from the biggest city in the area, Vaisali, and to bring some sort of jeweled parasols to make offering to him. All the young people, actually, from the city — the old fogeys don’t come because they’re mad at Buddha, because when he came to their city he accepted — he always accepts the first invitation that comes to him, from whoever it is, and the local geisha, a movie-star sort of person, raced the elders of the city in a chariot and invited him first.

So he was hanging out with the movie star,
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Important Simple Things – Moleskine #000 – Diary snapshots by Akira Zeitgeist


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Good Talks: Research on PLAY (Dr. Stuart Brown)

Stuart Brown: (…) So I would encourage you all to engage not in the work-play differential — where you set aside time to play — but where your life becomes infused minute by minute, hour by hour, with body, object, social, fantasy, transformational kinds of play. And I think you’ll have a better and more empowered life. Thank You.

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Hello World

My name is Akira Zeitgeist.
I collect thoughts that may improve our life.

Life is full of possibilities.

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Where do you want to go today ?
Where do you want to go today ?
Where do you want to go today ?


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