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What are the most important things to do today?

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Are you a Maximiser or a Satisficer ? [mind metaprograms]


People generally use either a maximising or satisficing strategy.

Maximisers seek the the best.

Satisficers stop seeking when their need is fulfilled.

Satisficers are happier.


Happiness is about wanting what you have.

Set limits on life energy spending.

Eighty percent is good enough.



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Try this: Things to do before I die. With a smile.


Make a list of x experiences and actions:

“Before I die, I want to … “

Break it up into achievable small steps that can be measured at the end of each day.

Do the things on your list. Start with the most important.

Smile when doing it.

Update the list with new goals when you have achieved 80 percent.

Enjoy lifetime evaporating.

Embrace the angel of death. It clears your perception. Yes, you can die today.

What do you want to do before you die ?





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Try this: Accept uncertainty. Go for the 80/20 ratio. [Decision Making]

Nothing in “the” world is certain.

Except that everything will pass away.

Eighty percent safety is good enough.

Invest your life energy wisely.

I enjoy taking calculated risks.

Whatever happens, I will be fine,

Free to focus

on the really important things.

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The Paradox of Our Age (Dalai Lama)


“The Paradox of Our Age”
a classic text by The Dalai Lama

We have bigger houses but smaller families;
More conveniences, but less time;
We have more degrees, but less sense;
More knowledge, but less judgment;
More experts, but more problems;
More medicines, but less healthiness;
We’ve been all the way to the moon and back,
but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbor.
We build more computers to hold more information to
produce more copies than ever but have less communication.
We have become long on quantity,
but short on quality.
These are times of fast foods but slow digestion;
Tall man but short character;
Steep profits but shallow relationships.
It’s a time when there is much in the window,
but nothing in the room.

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Hello World

My name is Akira Zeitgeist.
I collect thoughts that may improve our life.

Life is full of possibilities.

Visit me at:
Positive Living . Optimal Experience . Mind Research



Where do you want to go today ?
Where do you want to go today ?
Where do you want to go today ?


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