Artist Statement

I believe in art that makes you feel good. I collect thoughts that improve our life. My creative work catalyses self-development methods, positive psychology and mental kung fu feng shui.
My work influences your subconscious, connects you to a vibrant energy field of mental wellbeing. My art is meant for daily reconnection, recharging, refocus.
A single, endless mantra of thoughts to think and make life good.

Akira Zeitgeist is the pen name of a collective individual who prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

I am interested in the stories and the principles of living in our universe.

mix media combining writing, photography, video, software algorithms, performance, installations, and I apply principles of artificial intelligence, generative artwork and social interactivity. My creative work aspires to be unconstrained and open.

I believe in art that makes you feel good. My work seeks to influence your subconscious, connect you to an energy vibe of mental wellbeing. My goal is daily mindful reconnection, recharging, refocus. My art is a single, endless mantra of thoughts to think and make your life good.

My work explores:
* Happiness, the ultimate question
* Cognitive Research, understanding what makes us tick
* Neuroscience, observing how the mental machine works
Personal Development, learning to do things better
* Positive Psychology, believing that you become what you think
* Linguistics, or how words construct realities
* Meditation, Hypnosis, Metaphysics, Spirituality, and how the conscious is only the tip of the iceberg
* Software Art & Artificial Intelligence, technology expanding creative processes
* Information and Visualisation, widening the mind’s perceptive perimeter
* Recursivity, the elegant formula for organic growth
* Complexity, and what it does with the human mind
* Minimalism. Just enough. Tempo Giusto.

The creative process is my mantric practice. I create and drink my art, surrounding myself with my compositions and meditating on them. I weave an ever-tightening web of associations around thoughts that I want to anchor in my mind. It is an application of neurofeedback; I choose to program my own mind.

I believe in the therapeutic and life-enhancing value of art. I design my art to positively develop my mind. I share my work to make it interconnectable and to make it benefit other people.

True freedom is being the master of one’s mind.


Akira Zeitgeist, DN, 2017


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