“My name is Akira Zeitgeist. This is my Art.
I collect thoughts that improve our life.
IamCalm.com is my electronic mantra.“

– Akira Zeitgeist, author


IamCalm.com explores the theme “Positive Living, Optimal Experience, Mind Research”.

IamCalm.com is enjoyed by people interested in making the most of our fragile existence. Life energy is limited. Ever trapped yourself living your life on autopilot? Our mind needs an occasional reminder of what really counts.

We explore the world’s most fundamental question “How to be Happy ?” by researching topics like positive psychology, personal development, mindfulness, focus on life’s really important things, simplifying, getting things done, adopting healthy and ethical lifestyles, cultivating zen habits, and using neuroscience research to guide our choices and focus.

We also cover related themes, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Meditation, Flow State, Lucid Dreaming, Visual Thinking, Psycho Cybernetics, Buddhism, Metaphysics, Self-Healing, Hypnosis, Play, Creativity, and others.


IamCalm.com would like to develop its non-profit services to become:

  • An encyclopedia of happiness, a research portal and educational knowledge repository
  • An art gallery and media entertainment center
  • A self-improvement-facilitating media assistant
  • A promoter of positive action, our community-driven life enhancer


The human brain-machine often looses focus of the really important things.
We are entranced by everyday life.
What are the most important things to do today?
What do we want to spend our limited life energy on Now?

IamCalm.com is our electronic mantra.





IamCalm.com is currently developing the following projects (all in beta phase):

  • “MindWash TV”
    Research, design and development of a mindfulness– and flow-inducing AI-driven media engine inducing optimal experience, life enjoyment and positive psychology states.
    Combining Software Art, applied neuroscience, data visualisation, artificial intelligence, social networks, real-time www data and media. 
  • Community-authored encyclopedia
    Web 2.0+ collaborative knowledge base/topic map on themes related to positive thinking and acting.
  • karmaAgent – intelligent ethical wear
    Clothes designed by Akira Zeitgeist and Friends.
    On invitation only. Limited availability. Ethically correct.
  • High-quality prints of IamCalm.com Art.
    Limited Series. Numbered and hand-signed. Via Art gallery. contact@iamcalm.com
  • Book & Media Publications
    (coming soon)
  • Ethical investment Opportunities
    (coming soon)



My name is Akira Zeitgeist. This is my Art.
I collect thoughts that improve our life.

I was living on autopilot, in a previous life.
Unexpected events, then, cleared my understanding of how fragile our life is. A virtual near-death experience. I gained awareness of how entranced I was with unimportant things.
It was my “red pill”. Out of Matrix, the movie.

I decided to optimize the use of my remaining life energy.
Today I ask myself “What are the most important things to do today?
I am often hypnotized by everyday details, but I have learned, trained and practiced to switch perspective. – The world then offers endless quantum possibilities to choose from.

The brain is a wonderful machine. The mind is plastic.

The project “IamCalm.com” is my autotelic practice to focus on life’s really important things.

It is my home-cooked mind-washing machine.

IamCalm.com is my electronic mantra.


“Akira Zeitgeist” is the author’s “nom de plume” and invention.
This experiment is dedicated to the children.




Contact the editor at contact@IamCalm.com.






Live you life NOW.

Open your eyes. Have clear focus.
Embrace the angel of death. Accept, Surrender, Smile.



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