MindWash TV – Software Art That Makes You Happy (and Improves Our Life)

If you are interested in exploring the world’s most fundamental quest “How to be Happy”, tune into MindWash TV. We call it “Your Awareness Assistant”.

Watching MindWash TV regularly will improve your mental wellbeing by reprogramming your conscious and subconscious thinking. Enjoy the immersive art of MindWash as stimulating entertainment; it creates and promotes “positive psychology” mind states. It is positive brainwashing.

MindWash builds upon the benefits of mindfulness, self-hypnosis and positive affirmations. It  resets your mind into a calm and peaceful state, and continuously reminds you of simple, but often forgotten truths impacting our happiness.

You can use MindWash in a variety of ways, such as a screensaver, wallpaper, room decoration, phone app, etc. MindWash is best enjoyed in a meditative setting, but it works in any situation, whether you focus on it briefly (one minute per day for example), or you simply run it as a background stimulus perceived subconsciously.

The MindWash interactive media content is dynamically composed and collected real-time from live web sources. It is therefore different every single time you watch it. You can also browse through different channels; new ones are published regularly.

The project, currently in beta phase, is intended to become a collaborative non-profit platform connecting academic researchers, open-source content contributors, software development communities, medical study groups and social networks. MindWash builds upon techniques and concepts like neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), (self-)hypnosis, positive psychology, autosuggestion and autogenic training, learning repetition, mantra meditation, brain plasticity, visualisation, and many others. Future versions will integrate audio and brain-computer interfaces.

Remember: You are the pilot of your reality. Open your mind to the possibilities. Try MindWash.
“I collect thoughts that improve our life. This is my Art.”
(Akira Zeitgeist, creator of MindWash v1)


MindWash Channel Roundup January 2013

Here is a snapshot of channels currently shown on MindWash TV (sorted by publication date):

2011.01 – Sky
2011.02 – Beta v1
2011.03 – Smile
2011.04 – Canned Text
2011.05 – Canned Text with Sauce
2011.06 – Thoughts Only (white bgd)
2011.07 – Smile. Often.
2011.08 – Life Is Good
2011.09 – I will be fine v1
2011.10 – I will be fine v2
2011.11 – Positive Words
2012.01 – Akira Zeitgeist’s Insights
2012.02 – Algorithmic Orchestra v1
2012.03 – Algorithmic Orchestra v2
2012.04 – Akira Zeitgeist’s Collected Wisdom (live stream)
2012.05 – Akira Zeitgeist’s Collected Wisdom (cached)
2012.06 – [HOME]
2012.07 – Thinking…


Art Prints

High-resolution premium art prints available: contact@IamCalm.com


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