Self-Hypnosis Scripts – Akira Zeitgeist’s Collected Wisdom Remix

Reading a hypnosis script aloud, self-hypnotizes the reader. You can reprogram your subconscious by practicing this simple technique. Meditative reading is a form of active meditation and is the easiest, foolproof method for self-hypnosis. The principle consists of putting yourself in a state of narrowed attention in which suggestibility is increased. Your mind then becomes receptive for affirmations and positive suggestions. You gain access to subconscious beliefs that shape your body, your mind, and your behavior.

1. Relax. Be calm. Breathe.
2. Say an induction phrase, such as “I am calm like the sea.”
3. Read slowly and aloud. Pause after every sentence. Think about what you read.
4. “Wake up” by counting to five and repeating the induction phrase.
5. Smile.

The more you practice, the more you gain control over your mind and ultimately the world you live in. Try it…


Self-Hypnosis Script #1

Every experience can be transformed into positive energy. You really CAN change your reality. What is your belief system? I let go. Agree to new beliefs and everything changes. Focus on understanding rather than being understood. Are you in a parent, child or adult ego-state? Focus. Biofeedback amplifies thoughts. I create my dream. Negative feedback pushes me towards the target. I am a spiritual warrior. To make the shadow disappear, you must shine light on it. Watch your thought like you watch children playing on a playground. Garbage in, garbage out. I am the master of my mind, my body, my universe. I am the master of my dream. I don’t emotion-feed the mental parasites. It is better to ask questions. I take nothing personally. Always be able to walk away! Keep Breathing. Who do you want to be today? Abandon limiting beliefs! You are the operator of your consciousness. Place yourself in a positive frame of mind. Don’t wait for the next opportunity; make the best out of the one you already have. Things manifest through the Word. Begin with the end in mind. I smile. This, too, will pass. Everything will be fine. I am a spiritual warrior. What if I die tomorrow? Live one day at a time. Look behind the curtain of thought! I am connected with the entire universe. I will be fine, whatever happens.


Self-Hypnosis Script #2

Chaos is beautiful. There are a million different ways to look at this moment. Stop worrying. Resume Living. Am I entranced? How many people are in a worse situation than me? Don’t wait for the next opportunity; make the best out of the one you already have. Clarity of mind. You are there. I am calm like a resting sea.  “Live at the speed of life.” Be a decider. Watch less TV. A thought or idea precedes manifestation. Which emotional horse are you riding? Focus. I am full of love. You always act consistent with your self-concept. Be a satisficer, not a maximiser. I can always walk away. Feel the energy. It is better to ask questions. The ultimate freedom: embracing not knowing what will happen. Who do you want to be today? You are a living magnet attracting perception, behaviour and circumstances. Fuck it. Let go. Smile again. Wu Wei – know when to act and when not to act. By minimizing doing one diminishes actions committed against the Tao, the already present natural harmony.  You are God if you master your mind. I can let go.I am the master of my thinking. You can observe a lot by watching. A word is black and white magic. Cultivate gratitude. Let go of attachment. I am never without the power to change my destiny. Live life with passion – love what you do, do what you love. Enjoy difficulties. Take every challenge. Because you will synthesize new happiness. The things that I am grateful for today…


Self-Hypnosis Script #1

Focus on understanding rather than being understood. Every moment is an opportunity. Om. Choose from the world’s endless possibilities. Enjoy gratefully. Today is a wonderful day. What is the mental model making me do this? I turn every experience into positive energy. Don’t push happiness over the cognitive horizon. The brain is powered by a goal-seeking engine. It takes practice. Watch less TV. Dream! Like a room plant that needs to be watered regularly, meditation only produces fruits if practiced regularly. Success is trial and error. I do not suppress negative feelings. I choose to do what I enjoy. Interior freedom creates space. Massage your mental knots with mind-states of embracing mindfulness. Chaos is beautiful. I live in daytight compartments. I don’t give a shit about unimportant things. Practice decision making. Watch your thinking. Co-operate with the inevitable. The Word is a seed planted in your mind. Am I entranced with details? Clarity and calmness are linked. Like a shielded candle. Like a dust-settled pond. Love. What would I attempt to do if I knew I could not fail? Co-operate with the inevitable. The human brain is a wonderful machine. I’m OK, You’re OK. Think Win-Win. Visualize the goal. What is the most important right now? The river of life takes a winding course. Free like a two-year-old child! I am the master of my thinking. Smile!


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